The Story

0059The Kippah Kantor is an adorable doll that appeals to boys and girls. It is accompanied by a colorful book with a simple but meaningful story. In the story, children learn that they are rewarded with their own Kippah Kantor for being a good person and doing good deeds.

The child will develop a special connection with the Kippah Kantor by naming him. To maintain his or her new friend, the child must continue to perform mitzvahs. To create excitement, each night after the child goes to sleep, Kippah Kantor finds a new location in the house to hide. The child then searches for him the next day.

0044If the child misbehaves or does not perform mitzvahs, the Kippah Kantor can temporarily be hidden until the child behaves properly. If it becomes necessary for the Kippah Kantor to “vanish,” the parents have the opportunity to explain why the Kippah Kantor has disappeared by describing the misbehavior or failure to do mitzvahs. When the child behaves or does mitzvahs, the Kippah Kantor will suddenly reappear and remain so long as the child follows the rules of the Legend of the Kippah Kantor.

My goal is for the Kippah Kantor to help Jewish families (or families of other religions) have fun learning about and doing mitzvahs. Kippah Kantor is a great way to create memories that will last a lifetime. What a great gift for Hanukkah!

Hopefully, you will agree.
Cindy Hauk

About the Author

I was born in Dallas, Texas. I graduated from SMU with a B.B.A. in Marketing and have a Teaching Certification in Elementary Education from the University of North Texas. I taught first grade for seven years before becoming a full-time mom. I am married and have two kids.

Growing up, I never had a toy with a Jewish “connection” that was really fun. As a parent, I want my young children to have toys that bring some excitement and an attachment to their religion. I have looked for such toys, but I have not found them.

019To teach young children about Judaism in a fun and meaningful way is a challenge. As an educator, I understand there are many roads to that goal. One method is to engage the children with their parents to teach fundamental principles of our Faith. Mitzvahs are the heart of Judaism; so, I decided that a toy that will cause the children to focus on the concept of “mitzvahs” (good deeds) in a subtly fun way is a great approach. The Kippah Kantor is that tool.